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Product description

Urypton is a clean and modern Cryptocurrency dashboard UI Kit with 2 different styles dark and light. Adjustable, Organized, Responsive library based on modular web application ideas. Scales from mobile to desktop Including many of components, symbols and elements. This template is ideal for crypto trading, crypto transaction, crypto admin, coin trading, crypto wallet, crypto market, and any admin dashboard website. Make your admin dashboard design looks stunning and eye-catching using our template.

Pages in Figma

Dashboard Page
My Wallet Page
Transaction Page
Trade Page
Market Page
Coin Details Page
Portfolio Page

Design System & Components Figma


Urypton build based on auto layout figma features

Layouts grow to fill or shrink to fit. This is great when you need to add new layers, accommodate longer text strings, or maintain alignment as your designs evolve.

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Urypton build based on styles figma features

All styles saved and ready to be used, color, text, grids. This is great when you need to add update colors or typography you just need to update the styles and more then 200+ components will be updated.

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Urypton - Cryptocurrency Dashboard UI with Auto Layout Design in Figma - 1


  • Based on AutoLayout Design System
  • Dark & Light Layout
  • Clean & Minimal Design
  • Grid Systems
  • Ultra Responsive
  • Easy to Customize
  • Color & Typography Style
  • Organized Components
  • Based on Google Fonts
  • Set of Cryptocurrency Vectors
  • High Resolution

Items Included:

  • 200+ Components
  • 2 Mode options
  • 4 Breakpoints (1920px/1440px/768px/375px)
  • 150+ UI Elements
  • 8+ Charts
  • 200+ Crypto Vectors

Sources & Credits:

Fonts: Work Sans

Icon: Freepik Icons


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